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Community based tourism

There are words that tell extraordinary stories.

They call from the confines of time and invite us to sit by their side, to hear them closely and, as well, be able to pronounce them. There are places populated by the boisterous silence of nature, which speaks as many languages as landscapes are capable of unfolding.

There are distant lands, inhabited by people who go from one place to another looking for themselves; that move to rest; that move away from their origins to know others.

And there is a country capable of receiving them. A country with men and women of serene, warm, memorable voices. With extraordinary landscapes, which ask to be contemplated in silence. With words that call all those restless people and invite them to sit next to them.

To listen to the rumor of the experience, which is jumping from mouth to mouth.

To be surprised every time with the beauty that contains the everyday.

The traveler today is an adventurer who wants to walk through less frequent destinations, get to know the interior of each town, live with local communities, travel through time and Peru, without a doubt, has everything to satisfy people who want to do more than tourism, people who aspire to know the true roots of culture and life.

The history and magic of a country must not only be known but also lived, for this the community-based tourism offers the tourist the possibility of experiencing in a different way, authentic and personalized, the feeling of the people and the unique atmosphere of rural.

This is a specific tourism class that takes place in rural areas, all in a planned and sustainable way. In it, it is important the participation of the inhabitants, who organize themselves with the objective of generating benefits for the community by showing the public what is done in their locality and interacting with them. Precisely Cusco is the place where the tourist offer of the Community-Based Tourism is being taken advantage of in the best way.

Finally, here we present the best places to make Community-based tourism in the South of Peru, more exactly in Cusco and Puno; community-based ventures that work with a focus on responsibility and respect for their culture and environment, under a joint vision of love for life, the transcendence of their new generations and the sublime desire to demonstrate that with joint work and quality, all improvement is possible That is why Peru Nature Photography works articulated and responsibly with a total sense of inclusion with these people, families and communities that are mentioned below:


  • La Tierra de los Yachaqs
  • Huilloc
  • Andean Lodges
  • Patabamba
  • Amaru


  • Amantaní
  • Atuncolla – Sillustani
  • Llachón
  • Ccotos – Ticonata