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History and archeology

We know that the word Peru inevitably and immediately evokes the images of Cusco and at the same time Cusco immediately brings to mind the images of Machu Picchu and the Empire founded by the Incas. That is why thanks to the historical richness, by its roads it is possible to know the impressive archaeological heritage inherited by old civilizations that testify to their ancestral art, customs, rites and cultural development.

The Inca civilization arose belatedly in the process of cultural development of the Andes (with its center of irradiation and expansion in Cusco) and its history occupies, barely, a century within the 20 thousand years that has the presence of man in the Peruvian territory.

Archaeological and cultural tourism in Peru is considered one of the most important attractions in all Latin America. The impulse that has been taken in recent years, through internationalization campaigns promoted by the State, has generated greater awareness to achieve better attention to tourists, for that reason Peru has become a destination, progressively, more open to the global world; that is why in Peru Nature Photography, aware of the increasing demands of the global market, we are prepared to offer the best of Peru with the best quality of service. For this and much more, Cusco is an exceptional destination where the history, nature, culture and the adventure are mixed to offer our unique programs.

Thus, you can enjoy carefully designed tours to know and understand all the historical and archaeological wealth of the cultural cradle of Latin America, complemented by neighboring destinations, not less important located in the department of Puno.