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La fotografía y el turismo siempre van de la mano, tan inseparables como un viajero con su cámara. Las redes sociales han aumentado exponencialmente esta pasión por las fotos; algunos nos han llevado a ser totalmente adictos a sus cronogramas, como Pinterest o Instagram.


When traveling to a destination, the traveler needs to make a visual composition of the experience of the places to visit, the main attractions and of course, the gastronomy that you will taste. After the trip, the trace of the experience will be reflected in the photographs taken, which according to the traveler’s relationship with his social media will be shared and commented again, thus generating a desire for travel in the people involved in his personal network, desire based on the shared images of the destination.


In Peru Nature Photography, as specialists in photographic tourism, we have designed unique products that obey 2 important concepts, the same ones that are at the forefront of international specialized tourism:


  • Tourism under the “slow” concept. A way of seeing a city capturing nuances, discovering recondite spaces. A trip that starts with a coffee, with guidelines and tips of photography and clues so that the participants take surprising images of the neighborhoods and their people.


Photographic tourism with the design of specific tours. A singular phenomenon very framed in the experience that we commented at the beginning of this lines. Consumer trends fall within the line of a Creative Tourism, new needs expressed by tourists, more than tourists, travelers of all ages and with interests as diverse like their ages.

All our photographic tours have been designed to be practiced from the least experienced lenses to the most expert, all in the most varied ecological floors and living zones in the Cusco region, one of the best destinations in Peru and South America for this specialty, its scenic wealth for its great biodiversity and its cultural contrasts.