Photography Expeditions at Ausangate Rainbow Mountain 4d/3n

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  • Ausangate Rainbow Mountain
  • Astrophotography
  • Ausangate Glacier
  • Spectacular Glaciar Lakes
  • Alive Culture
  • Landscaping

This trip has been designed for partners and friends who are a mix of photographers and non-photographers that have good physical conditions and support the altitude (The trip is between 4,000 to 5,000 m.a.s.l).

The Rainbow Mountain, with its naturally segmented striations, or stripes of various colors, is located in the Cordillera of Vilcanota, remote part of the Ausangate glacier and south of Cusco city. The Rainbow Mountain only recently have gained international attention among travelers and trekkers who like to enjoy the high mountains. We have specially crafted this Ausangate and Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain Trek in response to requests from our clients who are interested in photography expeditions, all the product has been designed considering ecological and social responsibility amount the highlanders.

Our itinerary will take you into the remote, untouched wilderness of the Ausangate glacier, long famous for its stunning high-altitude scenery, turquoise lakes, and herds of roaming alpacas. We start our trek to Upis, and then to entering through to mountains and lakes, making the best places to put in practice all your skills in photography; looking for the astounding moments of light and color to be immortalized by through your lens.

This rugged and amazing Ausangate Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca Trek requires 3 days of acclimatization to the altitude, it could be in Cusco or at another high-altitude location, or if you are an accustomed trekker, this is the best experience that you were looking for.

The Ausangate Cordillera and its sky are one of the best and places to practice astrophotography, since the sky views there, show us the Milky Way and constellations that changes accord to the season. This creates the expectative of the photographer through their lenses. A plus of this place is the not smoke pollution that give you clearer images.

Day 1: Cusco - Tinki – Upis

We pick you up from your hotel early (5:00 a.m) and will drive you to southeast until Tinki. We will stop on the way at the village of Ocongate, where you can see some local culture. The journey to Tinki takes roughly 3:30 hours. From Tinki your trek begins proper, you start by trekking through the Vilcanota Valley before steadily climbing to some high grasslands. Here you get your first glimpse of the Vilcanota range, including both Ausangate and Colque Cruz peak. You cross the Mapacho river before continuing on through local community villages towards the base of Ausangate glacier. You will camp near the thermal baths at Upis (4,400 m.a.s.l). Once you are at the camp site it will be a good moment to take off your camera and equipment to capture a spectacular sunset happened over the Ausangate snow cape (6,372 m.a.s.l), then you can enjoy the hot springs.

Day 2: Upis - Pukaqocha

After breakfast, we continue our hike ascending for 3 hours to reach Larapa pass (4,850 m.a.s.l). The views of Ausangate snow peak from Larapa pass are stunning and you will desire to take the best photos having your camera ready for the moment. After to stop and enjoying this unique view, we start to descending down into the valley that are home of a variety of birds. We will camp next to Yanacocha lagoon, right beneath the crevasses of the glacier, after 6 or 7 hours walking (between 4,800 to 4,600 m.a.s.l) on a well-trodden gravel trail. On your descent we pass through the green lake of Puqa Q’ocha (4,556 m.a.s.l). Once back down in the valley, you will camp beside the gorgeous blue lake of Hatun Puqa Q’ocha. Once we are at the camp site, we will look for the best spot to capture every single moment of the sunset and the scenery of this astounding place.

Day 3: Pukaqocha – Yanaorqo Lagoon

After our breakfast early we continue to hike up to the valley. Today is a big day and the most anticipated day of the trek. We hike up to 5,200 m.a.s.l, where you will feel spellbound with the views of the majestic Ausangate snow peak, we still have a few hours to walk before lunch. After that, we continue walking and enjoying the spectacular landscape, meeting on the way with herds of lamas and sheeps. After 3 hours we will arrive to the camp site at Yanaorqo lagoon.

Day 4: Rainbow Mountain –Vinicunca - Cusco

We’ll have an early breakfast and then begin a walk of approximately 2 hours towards Vinicunca pass, the site of the famous Ausangate Rainbow Mountain, at this point, our breathing will become increasingly labored as we gain altitude. Once we arrive at the top of the pass, there may be some frigid gusts of wind, so please ensure that you are wrapped up warmly clothes.

You will be rewarded for your trekking efforts when you finally see the incredible Vinicunca, with its vibrant multi-hued layers of rock sediment: turquoise, orange, brown, and red. At the same time, you will have majestic views of the Ausangate snow cape. This trek to Vinicunca is without a doubt the most famous new attraction in Peru.

After to reach and have a great moment photographing this spellbound mount, we start to dawn hill to the last stop for a lunch, to finally set up to Cusco.

Tour Program includes

  • All transportations
  • Professional bilingual guide
  • Entrance fees to Ausangate route and Rainbow Mountain
  • All meals during the route
  • Ozonazed water (we will provide it in all the tour, but you must carry your own canteen)
  • Camping equipments
  • Emergency horse
  • Horses and horse men (to transport equipment, food and one traveler luggage of 12 kilograms).
  • Fisrt aid kit and oxygen
  • Snacks

Not Includes

  • Breakfast first day
  • Sleeping bag (-15)
  • You can take additional horse for U$$ 100.00
  • Other requirements
  • Gratuities recommended for staff

List of Trip:

  • Water proof bags
  • Photography equipments and extra batteries
  • Sun block SPF 45 - 90
  • Canteen is obligatory
  • Extra warm clothes
  • Sunglasses
  • Additional Snacks
  • Daypack
  • Hat or cap (wool hat)
  • Hiking and tennis shoes (obligatory)
  • Raincoats or rain ponchos (all year)
  • Binoculars (optional)
  • Walking poles
  • Passport, ISIC Card (students)
  • Flash light and batteries
  • Sleeping bags (-15 degrees)
  • Snacks: Energy bars, chocolate, dry fruits (obligatory). 

If you don’t have some of the required equipment, we can rent one

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