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PERU NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY: is a tour operator composed of people who work oriented on environmental care and protection. Our team is specialized in environmental impact, culture and sustainable tourism. We are specialists in tailor made tours focused in photography and birdwatching expeditions, articulated with components of culture, multisport familiar activities and alive culture.

Peru Nature Photography has been set up with the purpose of designing, positioning and marketing unconventional tourism products that respond to the new trends of the current market, all with quality indexes, within the framework of fair trade and responsible tourism.

Our products were designed to promote the diversification of tourism in southern Peru and the Cusco Region with tour programs developed especially within the ecological, birdwatching, photographic, adventure and community-based tourism.

As part of our corporate social responsibility, Peru Nature Photography to promote the improvement of the quality of life of children; sponsors voluntary support for families in the communities involved; in this way we could contribute by providing aid in educational actions, health and development of local capacities for tourism, as part of our voluntary commitment.


As a company, one of our main objectives is to actively help to preserve and protect natural sites in our destinations. When it comes to the local environment and culture, tourism can be part of the problem or part of the solution, and we strive to promote the type of travel that is part of the solution: small-scale tourism and low impact, respectful of local cultures and the natural environment. Our team is specialized in environmental impact, culture and sustainable tourism; all absolutely committed to the conservation and promotion of truly sustainable tourism in the eastern Andes and jungle of Peru.


As part of our business mission, we are a tour operator who promote and practice the zero use of disposable plastic; We collaborate with processes of vegetation and re-vegetation recovery in rural areas with native plants, earmarking 1% of our income to carry out these activities, directly coordinated with peasant communities, an experience that our clients can live in their own flesh, all directly articulated to give a customized service with the highest quality standards, accord to our promise service.

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Ana Sadith Hurtado Jordán


Fisher Chávez

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Juan José Cosio

Specialist in Community Rural Tourism

Yenifer Ayma Hurtado

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Edgard Mora Condori

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Hans Roel Mamani Meza

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Ruth Natalia Amao Huillca

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Jorge Baca Teves

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